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Main Office Phone: 314-622-3535 Fax: 314-622-4028

Richard T. Bradley, P.E., President

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Q: Why is the Project in Red and I cannot Access it?

A: If the Project is in Red and cannot be Accessed it means one of the following

1.The Project is currently Under Change

2.We are still awaiting files for that Project or

3.The Project has been withdrawn from the Letting.

Once we are finished working on that project we will change the status of that project and it will be an active project that can be accessed and will no longer be Red. If the Project is Withdrawn it will be labeled as Withdrawn and will not be able to be accessed and will remain Red until it is removed from the Plan Room.

Q: What is a "Wild Card Search" and how do you use it?

A: To use a "Wild Card Search" in the search fields add a % sign in front of the keyword or small phrase you are looking for to pull up any job associated with that keyword or small phrase.

Q: What is Thumbnail View?

A: Thumbnail view allows you to see a small image of the files on the site. This view will make the pages load slower because of the image for each file.

Q: What is List View?

A: List view will show each file as a line item with no picture. This view is recommended for faster load time of the plan room pages. This is also the default view for the Board of Public Service plan room.

Q: What is the Project Home Button?

A: Is located in the left corner of the plan room and this button will take you back to the Project Search page with the list of all the projects and search fields any time you click this button.

Q: How to open a folder once you are in a Project?

A: You will need to click on the + sign or on the folder to expand or retract the info.

Q: Why did I receive a "Session Timeout" Error?

A: When you do not click on an item or move to another page on the plan room within a reasonable amount of time the system will "Timeout" your session as a security default.

Q: What version of Adobe Acrobat do I need to work with buy naltrexone online the downloaded files?

A: While some of the documents in the plans room are compatible with Adobe Acrobat version 5, the majority of the plan sheets are created with Adobe Acrobat version 7. To ensure you will be able to utilize all the features in these files, we recommend Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader 7.0 or greater.

Q: Who is INDOX?

A: Please visit us at to read all about us.