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Richard T. Bradley, P.E., President

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Contractor and Consultant Project Information

01 Contractor Prequal Upgrades to the Security System at the St. Louis City Justice Center

8545: 8545 - East Climate Boiler Control Upgrade, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

8549 - Reconst of Taxiway Echo, Sierra to Taxiway Papa, Runway 6-24 to Taxiway Sierra

8550 - Terminal 2 Roof Replacement Phase 1 and 2, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

8551: 8551 - Forest Park - Upper Muny Parking Lot, St. Louis, MO

8552: 8552 - Forest Park Comfort Station Upgrades, Part 1, St. Louis, MO

8553: 8553 - Traffic Management Phase II, Federal Project CMAQ-9900(666), St. Louis, MO

8554: 8554 - Dr. King Pedestrian Lighting Phase II STP-5401(705) St. Louis, MO

8555: 8555 - Laclede Avenue Decorative Lighting, St. Louis, MO

8556: 8556 - O'Fallon Park Footbal Field Lighting, St. Louis, MO

8557 - FY 2015 and 2016 Citywide Sidewalk Contract, Project #2015-00-032, St. Louis, MO

8558: 8558 - Carondelet Park ADA Upgrade to Comfort Station, St. Louis, MO

8559: 8559 Concrete and Brick Removal Replacement and Sidewalk Install Project No. SP-94

8560: 8560 Marquette Park Field House Renovations, St. Louis, MO

8561: 8561 - Concrete and Brick Removal and Sidewalk Install, Proj No. SP-95, St. Louis MO

8562: 8562 - Roadway Improvements - Skinker Blvd. and Oakland Ave CMAQ-5401(707), STL MO

8564: 8564 - Security Upgrades at City Justice Center, 200 S. Tucker, St. Louis, MO

8565: 8565 - Kingshighway Bridge Reconst over Union Pacific Railroad, Fed Proj BRM-STP-5425

8566: 8566 - North Dock Repairs, Federal Project No. FRE15000051, St. Louis, MO

City of St. Louis BPS Standard Specifications, Contract Form

8517: New Police Headquarters, 1915 Olive, Tenant Renovations, St. Louis, MO

RFQ - Arch and Eng Services for Repl of the Velodrome in Penrose Park, St. Louis, MO

RFQ - Construction Supervision and Material Testing for the Reconstruction of Taxiway Echo

RFQ - Design of Government and Wells Drives in Forest Park

RFQ - Design of Newstead Ave, St. Louis Ave to Natural Bridge Ave, Federal Project STP-5407(615)

RFQ - Design Reconstruction of Taxiway Foxtrot from Taxiway Kilo to Taxiway Juliet

RFQ - Design Services for Chiller 2 Replacement at East Climate Control, Lambert Airport

RFQ - Design Services for Tower Grove Park, St. Louis, MO

RFQ - Electrical One Line Update and Arc Flash Study, Lambert-St. Louis Airport

RFQ - Eng and Field Survey Services for Downtown Traffic Signal Improv, CMAQ-9900(676)

RFQ - North Broadway Improvements, Thrush Ave to Walter Ave, STP-9900(665), St Louis MO

RFQ - Update Existing Airport Pavement Management System, Lambert-St. Louis Airport