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Richard T. Bradley, P.E., President

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Contractor and Consultant Project Information

8580: 8580 - Anode Replacement on Selected Steel Trans Mains - St. Louis City Water Division

8589: 8589 - Bellerive to Sister Marie Charles (SMC) Trail Connection, St. Louis, MO

8599: 8599 - Airfield Maintenance De-icer Tanks, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

8600: 8600 - Install Twenty (20) Inch Liner in Sublette Main from Arsenal St to Potomac St

8601: 8601 - Install New 25 MGD Raw Water and 15 MGD Finished Water Pump Units at COR Plant

8602: 8602 - St. Louis City Parks Tennis Court Renovations

8603: 8603 - Replacement of Existing Waterline from Concourse C to D and C10 Drain

8604: 8604 - Upgrade Athletic Field Lighting Carondelet Park St. Louis, MO

8605: 8605 - 2016 Concrete Roadway Spot Slab Repairs at Lambert Airport

8606: 8606 - Reconstruct of TW Echo from TW Juliet to RW 30R at Lambert

8607 - Willmore Park Improvements, St. Louis, MO

8608: 8608 - 2016 Four Pack Roof Renovations Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

8609: 8609 - Fairgound Park Skating Rink Improvements, Project 2014-87-151, St. Louis, MO

8610: 8610 - Replacement of Airport Lighting Control and Monitoring System at Lambert

8611 - Building 42 Entrance on Banshee Road, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

8612: 8612 - Airport Office Building Generator at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

8613: 8613 - Terminal 1 and Customs Roof Replacements, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

8614: 8614 Tower Grove Park, Task III, Reconstruct Park Roadways, St. Louis, MO

8615: 8615 - Forest Park Parkway over Metrolink Bridge Replacement, Federal Project BRM-5413(602)

8616: 8616 - Renovations to Pool Locker Bldg in Fairground Park

8617: 8617 -Government and Wells Drives Streetscape Improvements, St. Louis, MO

City of St. Louis BPS Standard Specifications, Contract Form

RFQ: RFQ - Airport Const Superv Material Testing Taxiway Echo from Taxiway Juliet to Runway 30R

RFQ: RFQ - Airport Environmental Consulting Services, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

RFQ: RFQ - Assessment of Water Dist Sys Valves (HPZ), St. Louis City Water Dist

RFQ: RFQ - CMAQ-5422(620) Traffic Mgmts Enhancements Phase 3

RFQ - Design and Dev of Water Division Workflow Study and Asset Manag Program

RFQ: RFQ - Design of 3 Taxiway Runway projects at LSTL Airport

RFQ: RFQ - Design of Rem and Rep of SW and Columbia Bridges Federal Project STP-9900(675)

RFQ: RFQ - Engineering Design Services for Airfield Projects, Lambert-St. Louis Airport

RFQ: RFQ - Environmental Consulting Services for City-Owned Facilties

RFQ: RFQ - for On Call Traffic Engineering Design Services

RFQ: RFQ - Germania Street Improv, Gravois to I-55 SB Off Ramp, Federal Project STP-5424(606)

RFQ - Pro Design Services for ADA Upgrades and Gen Imp at Various City of STL Parks

RFQP Personnel Serv Contract for Municipal Vehicle Fleet Tech for Equipment Services Div